A single handle for extending and retracting

Straightforward installation

Elegant cassette keeping the fabric safe and sound

Option of special fabrics you can see through from the inside

Version with fabric with slanting top edge available

Over 140 fabric patterns and more than 200 frame colours

Sideways privacy

The Paravento side awning protects against inquisitive glances, the sun and cool winds from the side in style. As a cost-effective solution, the slimline yet sturdy cassette can be mounted virtually anywhere. Combined with an on-trend pattern from the weinor fabric collection, the Paravento makes for a stunning statement piece. Special functional fabrics guarantee privacy, whilst allowing you to look through them from the inside during the day. The Paravento is a flexible and elegant alternative to fixed installations like fences, walls and hedges.

Product data

Max. cassette height
2500 mm
Max. projection length
4000 mm
Max. fabric area
8 m²
Option of slanted fabric
max. 21.8°

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