Terrazza Pure

Patio protection all year round

Modern cubic design

Innovative glass support system

Premium coloured LED lighting strips and stunning decorative strips

Straightforward option to extend to a weinor Glasoase®

Over 200 frame colours

Cubic glass patio cover

The Terrazza Pure glass patio cover from weinor combines a modern cubic roof design with an innovative structure. Traditionally, patio covers are slanted so that the rain can run right off them. But the pitch is integrated into the Terrazza Pure frame structure, meaning it is invisible from the outside. This creates a cubic design boasting clean lines and reliable drainage. If you’re looking for plenty of natural light on your patio along with a reliable and modern form of weather protection, you need look no further.

Product data

Max. roof width
7000 mm
Max. roof depth
4000 mm
Max. clearance height/bottom edge of gutter
2600 mm (or 2900 mm)
Snow load
75 kg to 550 kg per m²

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